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Dec. 3, 2022

Site Moved to wrongthink.link

It is time for this site to practice what it preaches and claim a space on the web through more independent infrastructure. NeoCities is a good space for those just starting out but there are technical limitations (such as no media files) as well as the looming albatross of censorship. This NeoCities mirror will remain in place, but I will not be posting further updates here. If you subscribe via RSS or link to any of my works, please consider pointing it to the new address at https://wrongthink.
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Nov. 26, 2022

My Video Game Music Favorites

It is true that back in the day, I used to play all manner of video games, even including console games. They played a formative role in my musical tastes and still occupy a significant portion of my music library to this day. A page over at digdeeper inspired me to share some of what I consider to be the absolute favorites among my collection. If we can put aside for a moment the laughable fact that a self admitted free software extremist has a soft spot for childhood/young adulthood game soundtracks, then let’s dive in!
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Nov. 19, 2022

The Broadest Collection Of Global Telemetry

In addition to the fact that the [clown] world relies on certificate authorities remaining honest for HTTP Secure to do what it actually advertises, there is another standing issue that erodes my zeal to keep scrapping together workarounds. One might argue that having many sites hosted behind the same server and IP might paradoxically help to obfuscate the sites one visits from snooping ISPs, such as those which might reversely resolve domains associated to server IPs.
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